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Survey Anyplace

Description Demo | Survey Anyplace Features Fun-to-take surveys, quizzes and assessments that can be embedded in your WordPress site with one click. Different question types, branded design, skip logic, scoring… Lees verder »

Quick Quiz

Description This plugin lets you create multiple choices quizzes. You display you quiz using a shortcode. The result of the quiz is automatically sent to the email specified in your… Lees verder »

RS Survey

Description Create Surveys and see results submitted by users very easy very useful. Easy to use and userfriendly. Faq A question that someone might have An answer to that question…. Lees verder »


Description This plugin adds the ability to create the quetionnaire sheet. You can create a questionnaire by adding a post of ‘questionnaire’ post-type. The ‘questionnaire’ post-type has form editor to… Lees verder »

StatsFC Poll

Description Add a poll to your WordPress website. To request a key sign up for your free trial at statsfc.com. For a demo, check out wp.statsfc.com/poll/. Translations Bahasa Indonesia Dansk… Lees verder »


Description Gather Insights. Increase Conversions. WOW Your Visitors If you enjoy sales psychology you’re going to love Survey2Sale. Completely customizable survey questions so you learn exactly what you want about… Lees verder »


Description This plugin facilitates users to create Survey(s)/Questionaire(s) easily using drag-and-drop method. The clean simple design are crutial because there was no reason to increase their problem. There were instruction… Lees verder »


Description Create and insert poll to your blog using shortcodes. The plugin uses Polldoc.com’s poll management system and integrates them to your wordpress blog. Installation Upload polldoc directory to the… Lees verder »