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Editor Inline Code

Description TinyMCEのCode Sample機能を追加します。 この機能を利用すると、エディター内のコードをシンタックスハイライトして表示できます。 Add Code Sample Plugin of TinyMCE. you can syntax highlight the code in TinyMCE Editor and display it. サポートサイト Introduction Features TinyMCEのCode Sample機能を追加します。 エディター内のコードをシンタックスハイライトして表示します。 How to… Lees verder »

Alex Syntax Highlighter

Description Alex Syntax Highlighter highlights code in the theme editor for easier understanding. See http://anthony.strangebutfunny.net/my-plugins/syntax-highlighter/ for help Screenshots Here’s a screenshot of it in action Faq Is this plugin compatible… Lees verder »

Auto Poster

Description Auto Poster is a simple plugin which will read your .zip file and post the files inside them as a post on your wp site Screenshots Screenshot of the… Lees verder »

Simple Textile

Description Simple Textile is a filter for posts and pages that can be used to write posts in Textile. Simply tick the “Process in Textile” checkbox while writing your latest… Lees verder »


Description Beware! This plugin is still in alpha stage, rather do not use it yet on important (or clients’) sites. I will appreaciate your opinions and most importantly bug-reports in… Lees verder »