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CL WP Info

Description WordPress plugin that show us information about WordPress install, PHP, Database and Hosting Server and also minimum requisites and recommendations for PHP and Database versions. Screenshots Info about server… Lees verder »

SiteObservers for WordPress

Description SiteObservers WordPress plugin is the all-in-one testing and monitoring solution for servers, applications, and WordPress plugins to help safeguard and enhance online businesses. It is completely FREE of cost… Lees verder »


Description The archives WordPress plugin. This plugin creates real posts archives and greatly reduces the DB load since old posts are called only when needed. This plugin is great for… Lees verder »

Correct PHP_SELF

Description On some servers $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’] contains /example.com/index.php instead of just /index.php. This one-line plugin restores the correct value. You only need it if you have problems with some other plugins… Lees verder »