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Dolibarr REST API

Description WordPress plugin helper to connect to the Dolibarr ERP/CRM REST API. Connect to Dolibarr through the REST API to send your contacts, WooCommerce products or any data that will… Lees verder »


Description Super customisable Twitter plugin for WordPress Faq Installation Instructions Installing “Tweetific” can be done either by searching for “Tweetific” via the “Plugins Add New” screen in your WordPress dashboard,… Lees verder »

TinyMCE:Editor Template Files

Description Editor Template Filesは、WordpressでTinyMCE(ビジュアルエディタ)のテンプレート機能を利用できるようにします。 テンプレートは、ファイルベースで作成し、編集可能な領域や編集不可の領域を作ることができます。 サポートサイト Introduction Features ビジュアルエディタ「TinyMCE」で、テンプレートを利用できます。 ファイルベースでのテンプレート作成。 テンプレートに編集不可・可能領域を設定できます。 テンプレート読み込み時にあらかじめ設定した値を置き換えることができます。 How to use Install Activate the plugin. Create Upload Your Template.(check below or our site.) Use Your Template…. Lees verder »

Speed Up Optimize Tool

Description Tool to help analyze scripts and css loaded in header and footer, useful in planning to do pagepseed optimizations. Installation Installing “Speed Up Optimize” can be done either by… Lees verder »

Villoid Store oEmbed

Description It enables sharing via oEmbed for your villoid shop under store_name.villoid.com Screenshots Usage of script Faq Installation Instructions Installing “Villoid Store oEmbed” can be done either by searching for… Lees verder »


Description BBPress Templater – quick creation of BBPress Forums from a predefined template. Instructions Install Install the plugin Activate the plugin You will now see a “BBTemplates” item on your… Lees verder »


Description Allows you to embed your documents in any format (Mircrosoft Powerpoint, Word, Excel, PDF .docx, .xls, .pdf, .ppt .anything!) on to your wordpress site. This plugin supports a wide… Lees verder »

Profile Editor

Description Profile Editor allows you to create front-end login, user registration and edit profile pages by using shortcodes. Faq Installation Instructions Installing “Profile editor” can be done either by searching… Lees verder »


Description Sometimes you just want to get rid of stuff in a theme but you don’t have the skill or capability to edit it’s source code. Maybe because you don’t… Lees verder »

Template Map

Description Template Map is a utility plugin designed to make the creation and management of navigation elements in your custom theme that much easier. It abstracts the need to hard… Lees verder »


Description Copernicus has few handy features: Smarty templating engine Multi Language Capabilities Image thumbnail creator with filters and additional tools (phpThumb) Custom Post Types (generated from configuration files) Meta Boxes… Lees verder »


Description Pay2Post allows site owners to charge users to post content on their site. Highly extendable to allow for other developers to create a wide variety of proccess to cope… Lees verder »


Description Blade is the template engine for Laravel, a very popular php framework, developed by Taylor Otwell. This plugin brings the same template engine to wordpress. Using a template engine… Lees verder »

Search My Theme

Description A wordpress plugin that lets you search for text within your templates. Installation 1) Install WordPress 4.4.1 or higher 2) Download the latest from: https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search-my-template 3) Login to WordPress… Lees verder »