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API info for Plugins Themes from WP.ORG

Description Show Plugins Themes information on your site, from WP.ORG API, as described in WordPress API codex. Shortcode: [wporg_api_pt type=”plugins” by=”author” by_value=”wporg_username” …] Programatic access: ?php echo do_shortcode(‘[wporg_api_pt type=”plugins” by=”author”… Lees verder »

Vast Package

Description This Plugin allows you to efficiently uses Vast Theme from Detheme. The features that provided by this plugins are: – Video Guide, this feature allows the users to efficiently… Lees verder »

Calumma Custom

Description Generate the style sheet for Calumma Credits Faq Installation Instructions Install Calumma Custom with the theme “Calumma” http://christophe-roux.me/download/calumma.zip Installation Install Calumma Custom with the theme “Calumma” http://christophe-roux.me/download/calumma.zip Changelog 1.0.0… Lees verder »


Description You’ll be able to confirm various variables of PHP as well as receive the notifications, warnings and fatal errors on WordPress by using this plugin. Usually WordPress users have… Lees verder »

C4D Woo Compare

Description Provide Compare Cart Provide Compare Button by shortcode for product Show compare products in modal box Shortcode [c4d-woo-compare-cart icon=”fa fa-retweet” label=”Your Text”] [c4d-woo-compare-button icon=”fa fa-retweet” label=”Your Text”] Arbitrary section… Lees verder »

Post Show

Description Custom post display like image, title, cotnent. Select the post from category you want. Order by recent post, popular post Shortcode : [c4d-post-show image_size=”thumbnail” category=”category-id” count=”10″][/c4d-post-show] List params: image_size:… Lees verder »

C4D Woo Bagde

Description Custom the sale badge to display by text, percent or amount. Add New Badge, Popular Badge, Featured Badge Shortcode: [c4d-woo-badge-sale type=”text|percent|amount”] [c4d-woo-badge-news] [c4d-woo-badge-popular] [c4d-woo-badge-featured] This plugin is used in… Lees verder »

Team Member

Description A simple plugin allows you manage your team members. You can insert your member infomation and display it at front-end by slider or grid. Shortcode [c4d-team-member-slider count=”10″][/c4d-team-member-slider] This plugin… Lees verder »

WP Admin Style

Description Adds styles to wp-admin pages. Most popular Black with Pink style included. Screenshots Dashboard page Dashboard page with open Screen options Dashboard page with open Help Pages page Faq… Lees verder »

Cryout ThemeSwitch

Description Quickly and easily swap between themes. Adds a theme switcher to the WordPress Admin Bar with all parent/child themes, filtering and favorites list. Compatible with WordPress 4+ Performs transparent… Lees verder »

Reinstall Themes

Description Reinstall Themes is a simple plugin to allow themes re-installation, by using WordPress standard theme update process. Contributing Developers can contribute to the source code on the Github Repository…. Lees verder »


Description Allows plugins and themes to be updated using the standard WordPress plugin or theme update process. When you want to update a custom plugin or theme but don’t have… Lees verder »

MW WP Form kintone

Description MW WP Formで送信された内容をkintoneに保存するWordPressプラグインです。 MW WP Formで設定した「name」と、kintoneで設定した「フィールドコード」が一致したものが保存されます。 – ※ MW WP Formが同時にインストールされていることが必要です。 – ※ kintoneのAPIを利用しているため、kintone側での設定も必要です。 Screenshots /assets/screenshot-1.png /assets/screenshot-2.png /assets/screenshot-3.png Installation Upload the entire mw-wp-form-kintone folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate… Lees verder »