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Description 投稿にサムネイルが設定されているかチェックします。 サムネイルが設定されていない場合、自動でフリーの画像素材サイトからランダムで画像をダウンロードしてサムネイルに設定します。 ダウンロードする素材サイトはpixabayです ダウンロードできる画像の種類は100種類前後 負荷対策で投稿数が多い場合は時間がかかることがあります Make sure thumbnails are set for posts. If there are no thumbnails in the post, download the image randomly from the free image material… Lees verder »


Description Generate thumbnails for .psd, .ai and .pdf file. Requirements PHP 5.3 and over. Imagick extention. Acknowledgements This plugin is highly inspired by PDF thumbnails plugin. Contribution This plugin is… Lees verder »

Clip thumbnail by E3S

Description 画像に対して動画URLを設定し、画像サムネイルを表示します。画像クリックで動画がプレビュー再生されます。 Screenshots サムネイル(例) サムネイルプレビュー時(例) Installation Upload clippp-thumbnail to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Clippp thumbnail by E2S’ menu in WordPress Place ?php do_action(‘clippp-thumbnail’); ? in your… Lees verder »

Responsive Modern Slider

Description Responsive modern slider with title in bottom caption. Plugin slider with advanced features four types of sliders within the plugin: https://garmoniagroup.ru/digitalshop/wordpress-plagin-slayder/ Плагин слайдера с расширенными возможностями четыре разновидности слайдеров… Lees verder »


Description English read below Плагин дает возможность прикреплять дополнительные изображения к записям (в отдельной области, как дополнительное поле). Для получения массива с информацией об изображения? записи, можно использовать функцию get_post_images($post_id)…. Lees verder »


Description Extends the WordPress Media Library to allow individual control over each media item size’s crop. For those particular about their imagery… WordPress’s Media Library already gives authors strong, intuitive… Lees verder »

Easy Thumbnail Sizes

Description No coding required. Integrates into theme customizer. Individual thumbnail sizes for every installed theme. Easily add and remove new sizes. Screenshots EasyThumbnailSizes interface in theme customizer. New sizes available… Lees verder »

Category Thumbnail Excerpt

Description These must be in function.php in the theme for the plugin to work for thumbnail and excerpt: add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); set_post_thumbnail_size( form_option(‘thumbnail_size_wecho=false’), form_option(‘thumbnail_size_hecho=false’), true ); function custom_excerpt_length( $length )… Lees verder »


Description 该插件支持使用新浪云存储SCS作为附件存储空间。 This is a plugin that use Sina Cloud Storage(SCS) for attachments remote saving. 支持xmlrpc。 Support xmlrpc. 支持自定义上传路径。 Custom upload url supported. 详见http://blog.gimhoy.com/archives/scs-support.html. For more details, please visit http://blog.gimhoy.com/archives/scs-support.html…. Lees verder »

Thumbnail Field

Description Thumbnail Field’s purpose is simple and straightforward: It creates two new functions, the_thumbnail_field() and get_thumbnail_field(), to facilitate retrieving information from a post’s featured image, such as the title, alt,… Lees verder »


Description Unfeature simply associates a checkbox with the featured image of a specific post, allowing you to control whether or not this image will show on the single template.

Advanced uploader

Description This Plugins extends the functionality provided by wordpress by enabling the following features. Upload large file by chunking them up, this is use on shared hosts with http upload… Lees verder »


Description My Related Posts Plugin can generate a related posts with thumbnail. Screenshots WordPress Related Posts setting. Installation Upload the folder my-related-posts to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through… Lees verder »

Auto Featured Image

Description Automatically generate featured image for new/old posts if Post Thumbnail is not set manually. It also support external image and Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion videos. Forked from Aditya Mooley.