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Awesome Tool Tip

Description This is an awesome free Tool Tip WordPress Plugin. Just use This Shortcode [tool_tip tooltip_style=”” link_text=”” tooltip_content=””] If You Tool Tip Left saw then use it [tool_tip tooltip_style=”turnleft” link_text=””… Lees verder »

Simple Tooltips

Description Easily add tooltips to your wordpress site. Tooltips will show when target element is hovered over. On mobile devices tooltips show when target element is tapped. You can easily… Lees verder »

My Tips

Description My Tips是一款让您能亲轻而易举地为您的WordPress添加气泡提示的插件。 My Tips is a plugin that make you get your blog Bubble Tiped easily. 使用它的理由: The reason of why you use it: 无需修改任何文件; NO FILE need to… Lees verder »