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Remove Archive Label

Description Removes the “Category:”, “Tag:”, “Author:”, “Archives:” and “Other taxonomy name:” in the archive title. No configuration is required Support Need help? Use the support Installation Upload remove-archive-label.zip to the… Lees verder »

Unwidow Title

Description Lightweight plugin that replaces the last space in the main query titles with a non-breaking space. Faq Installation Instructions Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/unwidow-title directory, or install… Lees verder »


Description Change the browser tab title when another browser tab is active. Where is the admin or settings page? The alternative title can be configured in the Badger section of… Lees verder »


Description It targets all h1, h2, etc… used in WP post content editor and add an automatic link to each part. For developers : Using filters Filters : anchorpress_want_anchors_condition anchorpress_href_classes… Lees verder »

mypace Custom Title Tag

Description This plugin allows you to edit title tag at every singular post(posts, pages, custom post types). This is a very simple plugin. GitHub https://github.com/mypacecreator/mypace-custom-title-tag Screenshots Enter text into a… Lees verder »

MobiDevices Search URL

Description SEO-плагин для преобразования URL страниц поиска с формата http://mobidevices.ru/?s=iPhone на http://mobidevices.ru/search/iPhone, разработанный порталом MobiDevices. MobiDevices Search URL, в отличии от по? ожи? решений, автоматически делает 301-редирект со стары? страниц… Lees verder »

MobiDevices Translate URL

Description SEO-плагин для автоматического перевода ярлыков (URL) и названий медиафайлов с любого языка на английский, разработанный порталом MobiDevices и компанией 1000.tech. В плагине нет никаких настроек, его достаточно включить и… Lees verder »

bbPress Reply Titles

Description Add a Title field to bbPress replies. Requires bbPress. Originally developed for mcnrc.org at LaGuardia Community College, CUNY. Installation Install via the WordPress Dashboard. Activate at Dashboard Plugins.

Title Rus to Eng

Description Плагин автоматически переведет заголовок страниц или записей во время редактирования при помощи сервиса “Яндекс Перевод”. Screenshots Страница настроек Faq Ничего не переводит: Возможно у вас установлены другие плагины или… Lees verder »

rus to lat advanced

Description Russian filename and link (from title) translitter for WordPress. Russian filename and link (maked from title) not correct save by WordPress. Для примера из заголовка “Приказ № 343 г.Кызыл/.!@#$%^*()_+|`~ё”… Lees verder »

CW Post Slugs

Description If you are like me, you often wait until after you’ve written your post to choose a title. Or perhaps you change your mind a few dozen times before… Lees verder »

Title Icons

Description Title Icons does what it says: adds an icon to your post titles to give each post some flavour. Select from the icons provided, or use your own. Uses… Lees verder »

Hide Title

Description This plugin allows the author of a post or page to hide the title and it’s containing HTML element from the single view ( is_singular() ). Screenshots This Meta… Lees verder »

Post title marquee scroll

Description Check official website for live demo http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2011/08/08/post-title-marquee-scroll-wordpress-plugin/ Live Demo More info Comments/Suggestion About author Post title marquee scroll is a simple wordpress plugin to create the marquee scroll in… Lees verder »

Title Research

Description Title research enables you to find more informations about the title of your wordpress post from the posts’s page directly. For details about this plugin. Please go to http://www.shahariaazam.com/title-research-plugin-for-wordpress/… Lees verder »

Shopp SEO Helper

Description Changes the wp_title content when viewing a Shopp product or category. Based on code by ‘Stanislav’ at http://forums.shopplugin.net/topic/customizing-catalog-page-titles-please-help Installation Upload the contents of this zip file to your `/wp-content/plugins/’… Lees verder »


Description On my language-learning blog, I have a feature that shows a translation inline by swapping out text when the mouse rolls over it. It’s very handy, and it occurred… Lees verder »


Description This plugin automatically creates a title for posts that do not have one. If the post contains text, the title is set to the first few characters of the… Lees verder »