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BackTo Top Plugin

Description 在页面的左侧或者右侧创建一个“返回顶部”的按钮,使用“返回顶部”按钮,可以方便快捷平滑的返回到blog的顶部。 This WordPress plugin adds an “Back To Top” button to easily scroll long pages back to the top. Screenshots Preview Settings Installation 安装 下载并解压 将此文件夹上传到Wordpress的插件目录:’Wordpress根目录/wp-content/plugins/’。 在后台的插件管理处激活。 Installation download… Lees verder »

wp auto top

Description ▶ 可选择靠右模式和靠左模式。 ▶ 有30种默认颜色搭配你可以选择,或者自己做好图片放到img文件夹下后台设置启用即可。 如有问题请联系: https://overtrue.me Faq Installation Instructions 1.您的博客后台选择 “插件” -”安装插件” -搜索框里输入”wp auto top” – 安装 -启用 即可 2.下载本插件,解压上传插件到wordpress的/wp-content/plugins/目录; 3.进入控制板启用插件; 4.进入”设置” “Wp Auto Top” Installation 1.您的博客后台选择 “插件” -”安装插件”… Lees verder »

The Whole Post

Description When you show partial posts on your main page or archives and you have “read more” links, clicking those links will redirect the visitor to a position in the… Lees verder »

Add BigFish Games Catalog

Description This plugin adds game catalog from http://www.bigfishgames.com/?afcode=afd63cd4ad992 to your Blog. The first significant difference is that you are sharing your customers with Big Fish Games. Big Fish Games then… Lees verder »