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Admin Toolbox

Description Take control with Admin Toolbox: Capture visit statistics, Two factor authentication (2FA), visual editor controls, wpautop, heartbeat, notifications, and enforce password reset best practices. Special Features Two-factor authentication (2FA)… Lees verder »


Description Creates any number of HTML5 elements for uploaded WebVTT files for videos displayed using the and shortcodes. The uploaded WebVTT file names must follow this convention to be recognized:… Lees verder »


Description BSPlaces plugin adds possibility to specify gps position or attach gpx track files for post or page. All gps data are shown on map which is generated automatically for… Lees verder »


Description DE: Technisches Das Plugin sucht bei Aktivierung alle GPX Dateien, die mit einem Artikel verknüpft sind, speichert sie im Ordner “wp-content/uploads/cachegpx”, reduziert die Punkte der Tracks und speichert auch… Lees verder »