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VE Tweets

Description This plugin use for display to latest tweets on your website from your twitter account. Shortcode [vetweets limit=”5″] Faq Installation Instructions Installing the plugin: Unzip the plugin’s directory into… Lees verder »

DB – Twitter

Description Loads recent twitter messages to the tweet custom post type. The plugin uses wp_schedule_event to update your tweets hourly. If this does not work for you, setup a cronjob… Lees verder »

Tweet It!

Description Plugin to Tweet specific lines of text directly from your WordPress posts. Simply add the shortcode [tweetit] [/tweetit] around your text. This plugin is Michael Jackson approved. Tweet It,… Lees verder »

Tweet That

Description You can wrap any amount of sentences with a shortcode allowing people to click on those and allow them share on twitter with a link back to the article… Lees verder »

Comment Tweets

Description Occasionally, readers will respond to your posts via tweets which is awesome, but when this happens, it’s tough log the conversation between post comments and the various tweets. This… Lees verder »


Description Add latest tweets to your all post or selected post or even gives different tweets to different post. This plugin helps the admin to get the latest tweets after… Lees verder »


Description Displays your latest pictures from TwitPic in the sidebar of your blog. The plugin is widget ready and comes with many configuration options! Because every theme brings their very… Lees verder »

Tweet Tweet

Description Twitter.com has become a huge success by making it easy for people to converse in short 140 character messages. One thing that always bothered me was that my tweets… Lees verder »