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PitchHub Embed

Description PitchHub Embed currently supports: * Short code “pitchhub” for embedding pitchhub URLs Technical specification… PHP7 compatible Getting Started Use the shortcode “pitchhub” with a string parameter named “url” which… Lees verder »


Description Tape enables you to send interactive video messages to customers’ phones. Delight customers with Tape’s video-over-SMS technology. 98% open rates ensure your video-enhanced lead response, customer outreach, fundraising requests,… Lees verder »


Description با فعالسازی این افزونه می‌توانید به سادگی ویدئوی مورد نظر خود را از سایت نماشا در هر پستی و با هر سایزی نمایش دهید شورت‌‌کد پیشفرض : [namasha id=”sLfvZN5t”]… Lees verder »

AnyMind Widget

Description Czym jest AnyMind? Twoja wiedza ma wartość! AnyMind pomoże Ci przekuć ją na pieniądze. Wtyczka AnyMind to kompleksowe narzędzie do prowadzenia konsultacji online z poziomu własnej strony internetowej. Umożliwia… Lees verder »

Aparat Responsive

Description نمایش آپارات به صورت کاملا رسپانسیو در نوشته های وردپرس کافیه پلاگین رو نصب کنید و در طبق اسکرین شات ارائه شده در پایین روی دکمه آپارات در ادیتور… Lees verder »


Description DemoOnDemand is the fastest, most effective way to add on-demand, interactive, conversational product demos to your website. The DemoOnDemand WordPress plugin has been written specifically for DemoOnDemand customers whose… Lees verder »


Description Embed a responsive rumble video. Screenshots Faq Installation Instructions To install the Rumble plugin: Install Rumble automatically or by uploading the ZIP file. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’… Lees verder »


Description Smilee Chat is a powerful tool to connect with your customers Engage your website visitors into paying customers with Chat, Co-Browsing and Video communication features. Smilee Chat plugin for… Lees verder »

Web.TV Embed

Description Upload your videos to Web.TV channel and embed them into your WordPress based site. About Web.TV Web.TV offers oppurtunity to launch/create your own channels on the internet. With its… Lees verder »


Description Vuebit automatically creates gif-like previews for every youtube video on your site. It also supports vimeo, dailymotion and streamable embedded videos. This plugin loads vuebit.js in your pages. Screenshots… Lees verder »