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AB Post View Counter

Description Just simple plugin to view post/page counter Screenshots Settings-AB Post View Counter page Faq Installation Instructions In most cases you can install automatically from WordPress. Upload the plugin files… Lees verder »

Who Can See

Description This plugin allows you to create custom page/post the way that will be showed to specified roles for instance : [whocansee only=’visitor|administrator’]something to be showed to visitors/administrators alone [/whocansee]… Lees verder »

Social Tweaks

Description Shortcodes 1.[st yt_video_viewcount yt_url=”video_link”] = displays youtube video view count. 2.[st yt_video_likecount yt_url=”video_link”] = displays youtube video like count. 3.[st yt_video_dislikecount yt_url=”video_link”] = displays youtube video dislike count. 4.[st… Lees verder »

PDF Version

Description Creates a link to a page that actually displays it as a PDF. To use [pdf-version url=”http://www.google.com.au” name=”Google”] Swap the “http://www.google.com.au” for your url and then “Google” for the… Lees verder »