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Description Mit diesem Plugin setzen sie alle Vimeo Videos DSGVO / GDRP korrekt ein. Sobald man es installiert hat, könnt ihr den Shortcode [dsgvo-vimeo] anwenden. Beispiel: [dsgvo-vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/79121676″] In diesem… Lees verder »


Description The code can be placed inside the visual vindow, not in the HTML window. Plugin transforms javascript shortcode to java script code with [javascript src=”http://profitshare.emag.ro/get_ads.php?zone_id=xxxxx”] Installation Install plugin and… Lees verder »

WordPress Video

Description Gives the opportunity to embed in post any video from: Youtube.com, videos.sapo.pt, google, vimeo.com and more!!!! Example Usage: Youtube Videos Sapo Vimeo Suported Videos: http://www.youtube.com http://www.dailymotion.com http://www.megavideo.com http://www.metacafe.com http://www.revver.com… Lees verder »

Resize Vimeo

Description This plugin gets the current dimensions of the video you post and increases them to a set width and increases the height accordingly, keeping the same width-height ratio as… Lees verder »


Description IMPORTANT: Vimeo has changed its API. Versions of this plugin earlier than 2.0 are dependent on the old API and will cease to function in September 2009. You must… Lees verder »


Description Available for download exclusively from tubepress.com. We are no longer providing updates or support here at wordpress.org. Please see this blog post for details. Screenshots Sample TubePress gallery Sample… Lees verder »