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Description This module adds a Real-time commenting system Getrate, which allows you to post comments authorizing through popular social networks:VK, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. You can register in the system https://app.getrate.me/register… Lees verder »


Description This easy-to-use plugin allows you to embed SquareOffs® directly into your content without ever leaving WordPress. SquareOffs microdebates™ allow digital publishers of all sizes to engage readers, increase traffic,… Lees verder »


Description The Pinionate plugin provides WordPress site owners with access to highly engaging and interactive Pinionatestory-telling content easily and seamlessly within your WordPress editor. The plugin offers a user-friendly and… Lees verder »


Description This plugin adds the ability to create the quetionnaire sheet. You can create a questionnaire by adding a post of ‘questionnaire’ post-type. The ‘questionnaire’ post-type has form editor to… Lees verder »

Post Useful

Description This plugin includes posts in the user option to inform the post content helped or not. It is suitable for use on blogs and websites that publish tutorials and… Lees verder »

Simple Custom Vote

Description Simple Custom Voteはシンプルな投票プラグインです。 投票機能の提供のみを目的としているので、利用する際は要件に応じたカスタマイズ性の高い実装を施すことが可能です。 Simple Custom Voteは以下の機能を提供します。 任意の投票項目の作成 ショートコードによる投票ボタンの実装 Simple Custom Vote is a simple voting plugin. This plugin is provided to those functions. Create custom vote item. Implementation… Lees verder »


Description This plugin will install a Wikio-Button, to promote your posts on wikio, to your blog articles, pages, archives, categories and rss. Features Easy to install. Panel for easy configuration…. Lees verder »


Description Ajoute un bouton “J’aime cet article”. Permettez à vos visiteurs de voter pour vos articles sur Les Influenceuses. Cela aura pour effet d’ajouter votre article sur sa page de… Lees verder »

Emo Vote

Description Emo Vote let’s you encourage your users by letting them express their feelings by “emoting” rather than voting. Emoting is a fairly simple activity, just press the button that… Lees verder »

Comments Vote

Description This plug-in enables users of the website to vote comments up or down. This running tally can be displayed on the comment, and administrators have the ability to activate… Lees verder »

Upnews Plugin

Description Pulsante per i blogger che vogliono proporre su Upnews.it o far votare i propri contenuti direttamente dal loro Blog. Verranno visualizzati il numero di voti ed il pulsante per… Lees verder »