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Ultimate Watermark

Description Watermark plugin for WordPress media. This plugins allows you to add watermark on images. Installation Upload the ultimate-watermark folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install directly through the plugin… Lees verder »


Description Automatically add a picture watermark, can select text or pictures are two types. 自动给图片添加水印,可选择文本或图片两种类型。 详情:http://www.daxiawp.com/dx-watermark.html Arbitrary section 1 Screenshots 后台截图1 后台截图2 Installation 可以通过以下两种方法的其中一种来安装DX-Watermark插件: 将下载的文件解压缩,然后将dx-watermark文件夹 上传到 /wp-content/plugins/目录,在插件后台启用 直接在后台-安装插件,搜索’dx-watermark’,按照提示安装启用 Changelog 1.0.4… Lees verder »