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Site Creation Utilities

Description This plugin suppresses features of the Multisite site creation process: It suppresses the welcome email sent to new site administrators on site creation It cancels the site creation process… Lees verder »

Blog Templates

Description This WPMU plugin sets up a template system for new blogs. When a new blog is created it can have a template applied to it. These templates allow for… Lees verder »

Bulk Create Blogs

Description This WPMU plugin creates under the Site Admin menu called “Bulk Create Blogs” where you can bulk create/add users to blogs. To use the plugin you must create correctly… Lees verder »

uFaver Social Bookmarking Widget

Description The uFaver button makes easier for your users to bookmark and share your articles with other people. With simple 1 click – install, it?s powerfull enough to spread your… Lees verder »

Custom User CSS

Description Allows users to apply custom CSS to their blogs. Installation Upload custom-user-css to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Changelog 0.2 Moved custom… Lees verder »

Akismet Credit Inserter

Description A very simple mu-plugin to automatically (automattically?) insert a “Spam prevention powered by Akismet” notice (with hyperlink to Akismet.com) in the footer of each blog hosted on a WordPress… Lees verder »


Description Part of the RePublish set of tools for WordPress MU. Allows blog owner to easily republish content from others blogs in the community through a nice interface inspired by… Lees verder »


Description Automagically link Twitterish “@name:” replies in comments. Note: It hasn’t been tested on versions earlier than 2.1, but may very well work. Installation WordPress: Unpack the plugin into /wp-content/plugins/…. Lees verder »