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DSGVO Youtube

Description Mit diesem Plugin setzen sie alle Youtube Videos DSGVO / GDRP korrekt ein. Sobald man es installiert hat, könnt ihr den Shortcode [dsgvo-youtube] anwenden. Beispiel: [dsgvo-youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKkNvDtauI0″][/dsgvo-youtube] In diesem… Lees verder »


Description Vuebit automatically creates gif-like previews for every youtube video on your site. It also supports vimeo, dailymotion and streamable embedded videos. This plugin loads vuebit.js in your pages. Screenshots… Lees verder »

Video on Checkout

Description ** ===== [DEMO] (http://video-on-checkout.com/checkout/order-received/9/?key=wc_order_573b465392aee) ===== ** Add video with gratitude to your customers on WooCommerce checkout page and increase their loyalty: Tell “Thank you” to your customers and get… Lees verder »

Social Tweaks

Description Shortcodes 1.[st yt_video_viewcount yt_url=”video_link”] = displays youtube video view count. 2.[st yt_video_likecount yt_url=”video_link”] = displays youtube video like count. 3.[st yt_video_dislikecount yt_url=”video_link”] = displays youtube video dislike count. 4.[st… Lees verder »