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This is a WordPress plugin for clients of The Publisher Desk, intended to automatically propagate changes made to The Publisher Desk’s ads.txt file to client websites, while letting them add/retain custom lines as desired.


This plugin will redirect requests made to /ads.txt towards a custom wordpress option “tpd_adstxt_contents” that the plugin manages. The option has two fields, one self-governing, built and maintained through a daily cron that syncs it against a copy on The Publisher Desk’s servers, located at That copy is kept up to date by internal efforts by The Publisher Desk’s employees. The other section is for custom additions by the wordpress publisher, so that they retain the ability to add lines that are unique to their site’s needs and not required for TPD’s entire publisher portfolio.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an existing ads.txt file in the root directory, it must be renamed or removed for this plugin to successfully redirect the request towards the customizable version.