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travel-gmap3 is an open source a solution built for WordPress to display your Google Maps with the JQuery plugin Gmap3
on your WordPress as a Widget or in a post. (You have to draw your map on Google Maps (like a road trip) and copy the link on the plugin administration) Format :…fbd972emsa=0output=kml How? My places Create new map (draw lines of your trip) Copy the link here (icon link on top right)

Major features include:

  • Manage a list of map (add, edit, delete a Google map in WordPress)
  • Add a map on a widget (and create several widget map) on selecting a map and configure width and height
  • Add a map on a post with this syntax [travelGmap3 id=”2″ width=”250″ height=”350″]

travel-gmap3 use JQuery 1.6.1 and the JQuery plugin Gmap3


Upload the travel-gmap3 plugin to your blog, Activate it. Add at least one map that you have created on Google maps.

1, 2, 3: You’re done!