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The UserBallot for WordPress plugin helps you add UserBallot user feedback to your WordPress site. UserBallot is a simple decision support tool that allows online businesses to collect directional feedback from their site visitors and use it to make better business decisions. Installing UserBallot on your site will allow you to easily deploy yes or no questions to your site visitors and immediately start seeing the results of their feedback.

Are yes or no questions a good idea?
Yes! By creating short yes or no questions that only require one touch to answer, your site visitors are more likely to answer them. This gives you the information you need to make better decisions!


  • Create simple yes or no feedback questions based on UserBallot’s suggestions, or your own ideas.
  • Set the frequency at which questions are served to individual site visitors.
  • See responses to questions in real time!
  • Gain direction from your customers before spending a lot of time creating and delivering products and services to them.
  • Understand more about the users answering your questions thanks to analytics.
  • Get new upcoming UserBallot features without upgrading the plugin.

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  1. Activating the plugin.

    Activating the plugin.

  2. Signing up for a href=http://www.userballot.comUserBallot/a

    Signing up for UserBallot

  3. Copying the UserBallot site ID

    Copying the UserBallot site ID

  4. Saving site ID in WordPress

    Saving site ID in WordPress


To get started:

  1. Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Sign up for a UserBallot account and enter the questions you want to ask.
  3. Get your UserBallot site ID (found by clicking “Get Started” and then “WP Plugin”).
  4. Go to the UserBallot for WordPress configuration page in your WP admin panel, and save your site ID.
  5. Start getting feedback from your users.



  • Updated README and fixed SSL urls.


  • Initial release