UStream for WordPress

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Ustream for WordPress is a plugin that enables the user to embed Ustream live and recorded embeds. Put the url for the ustream video you’d like between the embed tags.

This really comes in handy when your blog is on a multi site WordPress instance where you are not allowed to add iframe code etc.

Deprecated shortcode embed method

The deprecated method for embedding Ustream still works, but ignores all non-oembed info. One can add tags (short codes) on the format [ustream cid="xxxxx"] or [ustream vid="xxxxx"] in blog posts/pages and have them replaced by their video content from UStream.

This deprecated method uses short codes and automatically replaces the [ustream cid=”xxxxx”] or [ustream vid=”xxxxx”] tags with the embedded video related to the given cid or vid.

The [ustream cid=”xxxxx”] tag is used when you want to stream a live broad cast and the [ustream vid=”xxxxx”] is used when to publish a recorded video.


Using the Plugin Manager

  1. Click Plugins
  2. Click Add New
  3. Search for ustream-for-wordpress
  4. Click Install
  5. Click Install Now
  6. Click Activate Plugin


  1. Upload ustream-for-wordpress folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

You should now be able to paste use the plugin using the tags.



  • Initial release


  • Tested up to 3.8.1
  • Added information in plugin description


  • Added this plugin to Github
  • Tested stability up to WordPress 3.9


  • Changed embed code due to new code from UStream
  • Tested in WordPress 4.0


  • Changed embed code use oEmbed specification and service
  • Tested in WordPress 4.7.1


  • Updated url’s to author site
  • Tested in WordPress 4.7.1


  • Changed from add_provider to register_handler when operating under ssl
  • Tested in WordPress 4.7.1


  • Made all functions static to avoid php warnings
  • Tested in WordPress 4.7.1