Verge3D Publishing and E-Commerce

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Verge3D is the most artist-friendly toolkit for creating interactive web-based experiences. Among the features of this framework are top-class photo-realistic graphics, comprehensive integration with your favorite modeling suites, efficient web-friendly format for loading assets and seamless integration with website builders. Interactivity is enabled with Puzzles, an intuitive and easy-to-learn visual scripting environment.

Verge3D can be used to create product configurators, 3D presentations, online stores, e-learning apps, 3D portfolios, browser games and more.

You can try this plugin live using this sandbox website.


  1. Recliner e-shop mock-up

    Recliner e-shop mock-up

  2. Applications management screen

    Applications management screen

  3. Managing orders

    Managing orders


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  1. Install and activate the plugin via the “Plugins” menu in WordPress admin interface.
  2. Verge3D menu should appear in the admin panel.
  3. Use the Verge3D-Settings submenu to configure the plugin.
  4. To upload applications on your server you need to have a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari 11.1+.



  • Add order id field to order forms. Support order filter/verification hook.


  • Support for persistent file storage.


  • Support for JSON API and customized order templates.


  • Fixed issue in applications with multiple HTML files


  • Minor update, fixes possible security issues


  • Initial release, compatible with Verge3D 2.7