Wapuu Dashboard Pet

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Wapuu Dashboard Pet is a virtual pet for your WordPress admin dashboard. The more you fail to update your site, the sicker Wapuu becomes. Keep WordPress Core, plugins and themes up to date to keep them happy.

Wapuu Dashboard Pet works by counting the number of updates available on your site. The more there are, the more unhappy they appear in the corner of the dashboard. Wapuu is a visual representation of the health of your site.


How often will Wapuu email me?

Once weekly if enabled.

How do I prevent email notifications

Clear your email from the options page and save settings.

Will Wapuu die if I don’t update my site?

Wapuu will not die, he will be eternally sad if updates are not done, but you wouldn’t let that happen, right?


  1. Upload the “Wapuu Dashboard Pet” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.



  • Wapuu will now (optionally) nag you when there’s too many pending comments.
  • Nifty buttons linking to your update pages added for a more streamlined experience.


  • Double the fun! Wapuu can now appear in BOTH the admin bar and footer.


  • Default added to the input field for Wapuu’s content update input. – April 2019
  • URL updates. – April 2019


  • Your lazy blogging habits can now be detrimental to Wapuu’s health. An optional function to include post reminders has been added; fail to keep up with your schedule or Wapuu will become sad. – April 2019
  • Improved settings page with a fancy new design. – April 2019


  • Added own version within plugin of get_core_updates in order to fix front end admin issue.
  • Optimised SVGs


  • Added health report section allowing users to see why Wapuu is sad.
  • Added a location choice, so now Wapuu can appear in the admin bar


  • Fixed bug found with cron scheduling


  • Updated to weekly alerts as daily was a little too much


  • Admin page text updates and alt tags for images


  • Added detailed plugin info.