WC Pickup Store

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WC Pickup Store is a shipping method able to sets up a custom post type “store” to manage stores in WooCommerce and activate them for shipping method “Local Pickup” in checkout page. It also includes several options to show content by Widget or Visual Composer element or configure this shipping costs.

Features And Options:

  • Compatible with Visual Composer with a custom element to print the stores in pages.
  • Widget option.
  • Dropdown of stores in Checkout page.
  • Local pickup details in thankyou page, order details and emails.
  • Archive template is now available.
  • Shipping costs by method or per each store.
  • All templates from /wc-pickup-store/templates/ can be overriden in custom themes.
  • Filters and actions are available throughout the code to manage your own custom options.
  • Font Awesome and Bootstrap css libraries are included into the plugin


  1. WC Pickup Store shipping configurations.

    WC Pickup Store shipping configurations.

  2. Default Store.

    Default Store.

  3. Checkout page.

    Checkout page.

  4. Order details.

    Order details.

  5. VC element.

    VC element.

  6. VC element Result.

    VC element Result.

  7. Widget Element.

    Widget Element.

  8. Widget Element Result.

    Widget Element Result.

  9. Published store validation.

    Published store validation.

  10. WC error after store validation.

    WC error after store validation.

  11. Email notification

    Email notification

  12. Shipping cost by shipping method

    Shipping cost by shipping method

  13. Shipping cost per stores

    Shipping cost per stores


How to setup?

Just activate the plugin, go to settings page and enable the shipping method. Customize the shipping method title, default store and checkout notification message.

How to manage stores?

Go to Menu Stores All Stores Add New

Can I edit the store templates?

Yes, you can override all the templates. Just copy from /plugins/wc-pickup-store/templates/ to /theme/template-parts/. Single store and archive page might be overriden in /theme/ directory as WordPress does.

How do I replace or remove waze icon?

Simply use filters wps_store_get_waze_icon or wps_store_get_vc_waze_icon to manage waze icon

Can I set a default store in checkout?

Yes, just go to Menu Appearance Customize WC Pickup Store Default Store

Can I set custom page without using Visual Composer?

The shortcode functionality had been removed since previous versions but since version 1.5.13 you can use the archive-store.php located in the plugin templates directory

Is there a way to add a price for the shipping method?

Fortunately since version 1.5.13 the option to set custom costs by shipping method or per stores is available. Hope you enjoy it!


Requires WooCommerce

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wc-pickup-store directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to settings page from Menu Stores Settings or the shipping methods page in WC to activate WC Pickup Store shipping method.
  4. Done.



  • Change of wp_enqueue_style instead of using wp_register_style with bootstrap and font awesome libraries


  • New shipping method custom price
  • New adding shipping method price per store
  • Fix in VC element initialization
  • Fix in image custom size validation used in VC custom element
  • New Archive Template
  • New .pot file
  • Font Awesome and Bootstrap css have been included


  • Logo waze svg
  • Filters wps_store_get_waze_icon and wps_store_get_vc_waze_icon to manage waze icon


  • Single store template
  • Filter wps_store_query_args for store query args
  • Fix esc_html to print content in template
  • VC element and widget from template


  • Validate whether all stores are published, otherwise, shipping method is not applicable
  • Fix selected store notification in emails
  • Notification was added in admin panel
  • Editor field was added to stores


  • Latest stable version