WhatsChat – 1-click WhatsApp chat with WooCommerce chat support


Simple and easy to use WhatsApp 1-click chat plugin, which lets your visitors and buyers chat with you directly using WhatsApp. On desktops and laptops, the web.whatsapp.com version of WhatsApp opens, and on mobile phones, the WhatsApp app opens.

You can choose from different icons to display and change the chat message. Or you can upload your own chat button image or choose from any image in the Media Library. More features are coming soon.

Special Features

  • Choose chat icon – choose from several chat icons
  • Use your own chat icon – upload any image and use it as a chat button
  • Position the chat button – position the chat button wherever you want
  • WooCommerce Chat Support – lets your buyers contact you using 1-click WhatsApp chat. Modify the text of your WooCommerce chat button and also the message.
  • Pre-populated text message – help your customers by pre-populating an initial text
  • Set chat button size – make your chat icon large or small
  • Google Analytics event tracking – if you have Google Analytics installed on your site, you can track the clicks on the chat button


  1. Settings page

    Settings page

  2. WhatsChat icon on left side bottom of page

    WhatsChat icon on left side bottom of page

  3. Upload or select a custom chat button image from the media library

    Upload or select a custom chat button image from the media library

  4. WooCommerce chat settings

    WooCommerce chat settings

  5. WooCommerce chat button

    WooCommerce chat button


  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Enter admin phone number.
  3. Enter the chat message.
  4. Select the icon you want to display or add your own image as a button.
  5. Select the size of the icon you want to display.
    and you are done…



  • WordPress 5.0 compatibility


  • Added WooCommerce support


  • Added custom chat button
  • Added ability to position the chat button at any position of the screen
  • Added plugin-meta to make it easier to access settings


  • Added Google Analytics event tracking.


  • Starting version – plugin hosted on wordpress.org