Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

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Shop managers can add shipment provider, tracking number and date to orders, Shipment tracking Info and tracking link to track their shipments will appear in customers accounts and on WooCommerce “Completed” order emails.

This plugin provides more then 60 shipping providers (carriers) by default and you can also add your own custom providers. You can customize the display of the tracking info on emails, you can manually enter tracking info to orders or use our REST API or the bulk upload from csv option is you want to automate your work..


  • Add Shipment Tracking information to WooCommerce orders: shipment provider, tracking number and ship date.
  • Option to add multiple Tracking numbers to each order
  • Shipment tracking information tracking link will be sent on “Completed” order emails
  • Customers can track orders shipment status on their account on your website
  • Fully customize the shipment tracking display design and layout.
  • Support for more then 60 shipment providers (carriers)
  • Select which shipping providers to display on the shipping providers list on orders.
  • Select default shipping provider to display on the shipping providers list on orders.
  • Add custom shipping providers
  • Rename the “Completed” Order status to “Shipped” (Optional)
  • Custom “Delivered” orders status (Optional)
  • Custom “Delivered” order emails sent to your customers once the order status is marked as delivered
  • “Change order status to Delivered” available in bulk orders actions and single order actions.
  • Fully customize the “Delivered” order emails content, design and layout.
  • Bulk upload tracking info to order from CSV files
  • WooCommerce REST API support to update shipment tracking information

Coming Soon! TrackShip Integration

Automate your Shipment Tracking Delivery Operations.
TrackShip proactively sends shipment status updates to your WooCommerce store and streamlines your order management process and provide improved post-purchase experience to your customers.
We are currently in beta stage, [signup] to get your invitation once we launch the service.


The plugin is translation ready, we added translation to:
Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Danish, German, Spanish (Spain), French (France), Greek

If you would like to add your translation, you can upload your .mo/.po files on our documentation

Compatibility with WooCommerce email customization plugins

We are Compatible with many email customizer plugins:
* Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer
* WP HTML Mail – Email Designer
* Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer
* WooCommerce Email Customizer with Drag and Drop Email Builder
* Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Compatibility with custom order numbers plugins for WooCommerce

  • Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers
  • WP-Lister Pro for Amazon

For more information about compatibility with other plugins, please see our documentation



Where will my customer see the tracking info?

Tracking info and link to track the package on the shipment provider website will be added to the “Completed” (Shipped) orders emails. We will also display the tracking info in user accounts in the order history tab (see screenshots)

Can I add multiple tracking numbers to orders?

Yes, you can add as many tracking numbers to orders and they will all be displayed to your customers.

Can I add a shipping provider that is not on your list?

Yes, you can add custom providers, choose your default shipment provider, Change the providers order in the list and enable only providers that are relevant to you.

Can I design the display of Tracking info on WooCommerce emails?

Yes, you have full control over the design and display of the tracking info and you can customize it.

can I track my order and send shipment status and delivery notifications to my customers?

Yes, you can signup to Trackship and we provide full integration, once connected, TrackShip proactively sends shipment status updates to your WooCommerce store and streamlines your order management process and provide improved post-purchase experience to your customers.
We are currently in beta stage, [signup] to get your invitation

I designed my WooCommerce emails with email customizer plugin, will it work with your delivered order email?

Yes, we are compatible with many email customizer plugins, see the entire list on our [documentation]

How do I set the custom provider URL so it will direct exactly to the tracking number results?

You can add tracking number parameter in this format: , %number% – this variable will hold the tracking number for the order.

is it possible to import multiple tracking numbers to orders in bulk?

Yes, you can use our Bulk import option to import multiple tracking inumbers to orders, you need to add each tracking number is one row.

Can I upload in bulk upload or use the REST API with Custom Order Numbers?

Yes, we support a few Custom order number plugins, you can view more details in our [documentation]

How do I use the Rest API to add/retrieve/delete tracking info to my orders?

you can use the plugin to add, retrieve, delete tracking information for orders using WooCommerce REST API.
For example, in order to add tracking number to order:
use the order id that you wish to update in the URL instead of , add the shipping provider and tracking code.

curl -X POST \
-u consumer_key:consumer_secret \
-H “Content-Type: application/json” \
-d ‘{
“tracking_provider”: “USPS”,
“tracking_number”: “123456789”,
For all REST API functions, please see our documentation


  1. Upload the folder woo-advanced-shipment-tracking to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Select default shipping provider from setting page and add tracking number in order page.


  • Bug fixed – Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined


  • Updated database for default shipping providers, remove duplicate entry of default shipping providers and add default shipping provider if not available.


  • Improved Customizer UI
  • Improved plugin settings UI
  • Added more design options to Customizer
  • Added Customizer option to change tracking table padding
  • Added Support for translation for all new plugin settings/options
  • Fix – variables not working in delivered email header in Customizer
  • Fix – delivered email customizer link directed to tracking display designer

  • Added functionality for remove white space from tracking number in tracking link


  • Updated add and edit custom shipping provider design
  • Change shipping provider name from DHL Logistics to DHL Parcel
  • Bug fixed – Sorting companies by country instead of country code
  • Added option to search by country in providers dropdown in order page
  • Remove tracking info to display from processing order,cancel order, refund order and on hold order.
  • Added functionality for customize Delivered order status email into customizer
  • Removed WooCommerce default email fro Delivered order status email
  • Changed URL of StarTrack shipping provider
  • In tracking info display customizer change preview order defaut test from ‘Mockup order’ to ‘Select order to preview’
  • Added functionality for remove white space from tracking number when added in order

  • Bug fixed – Added Save button in settings tab


  • Updated Email Notifications settings design
  • Updated add custom shipping provider design
  • Fixed issue of Hebrew shipping provider not added in orders
  • Added DHL Logistics Shipping provider as a default shipping provider
  • Fixed bulk upload issue – if shipped date is null than it will take current date
  • Added functionality for add multiple tracked into bulk upload for single order
  • Setup tracking info display customizer with live preview in email
  • Setup funvctionality for show Tracking Info only in completed order

  • Added DTDC Shipping provider as a default shipping provider

  • Bug Fixed – Fixed email template issue for WooCommerce Delivered order.


  • Update design of email notification section for small screen
  • Update design of bulk upload section
  • Make bulk upload compatible with Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce plugin
  • Make bulk upload compatible with WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers plugin
  • Make bulk upload compatible with WP-Lister Pro for Amazon plugin
  • Change Chronopost provider url in database

  • Bug Fixed – Fixed all php warnings
  • Bug Fixed – Fixed ArrowXL shipping provider country issue
  • Updated design of Bulk upload section

  • Bug Fixed – Fixed bulk upload csv issue

  • Bug Fixed – Fixed design issue in small screen

  • Added language support for Greek.
  • Bug Fixed – added missing translated strings text domains in js file.


  • language file updated.

  • language file updated.

  • Bug Fixed – Warnig when installing the plugin – Duplicate column name ‘enable’.


  • Added Turkish Translation
  • Minor admin css updates
  • Select Delivered Email Type – Changed to Ajax save when changing selection.

  • Bug Fixed – Email templated file override issue in theme
  • Bug Fixed – New email notification order status not show

  • Added WP Editor in email notification content
  • Added option for choose delivered email type – Default WooCommerce email or Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin email.
  • Added option for remove date from tracking info.
  • Added language support for Danish.

  • Added variable for Tracking Info Table in Delivered Email notification

  • Bug Fixed – Tracking info display table design in My Account page
  • Added Resend delivered order email notification to order actions (if set)
  • Added admin notice for information that “you can change (and preview) the style of the shipment tracking display on order email and customer account”

  • Bug Fixed – tiptip() is not a function.


  • Additional shipping providers + removed non relevant shipping providers.
  • Added option for change the style of tracking info display in email and my account.
  • Added functionality for Bulk upload shipment tracking details.
  • Added email notifications option in settings for delivered order.
  • Added Bulgerian language support.
  • Fixed “Delivered” status not included reports on non-english websites.

  • fix translation of date

  • Bug fix – Fix multisite issue


  • Setup Customer delivered order email if Custom order status – “Delivered” is enabled.
  • Updated swedish language


  • Added plugin compatibility with WordPress multisite.
  • Added language support for Swedish.


  • Bug fix – Fix translation issue for front page information such as tracking information, provider, tracking number, date, track button.


  • Added filter in get_providers function for shipping url


  • Improve functionality for add custom icon for custom shipment provider


  • Bug fix – Hebrew RTL with Ajax


  • Improved French Language Translation


  • Bug fixed.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Improved UI of Shipping Provider Table
  • Added option for change Delivered status label color
  • Added Norweign,Spanish,Hindi,Italian and Russian Language Support.


  • Add version in js file to fix cache issue


  • fixed. Language Issue


  • fixed. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare maybe_create_table()


  • improved UI.
  • Added funtionality of ajax for adding tracking number
  • shipping provider table css updated.
  • added settings to new custom order status ( Delivered ) and rename existing order status Completed to Shipped.


  • improved UI.
  • Added language support for French and German.


  • improved UI.


  • Added support for woocommerce shipment tracking official plugin.
  • Added rest api support.
  • improved UI.


  • Added Hebrew Language Support.


  • Initial version.