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WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugin is the best choice to increase cross selling.

Your customers often do not need just one product, they need inspirations what other products could fit to the one they bought / will buy.
Example: When I buy a smartphone, I may buy a charger or a case along with it. But how can I determine what fits best to my smartphone? Our WooCommerce plugin answers this question. You can manually assign frequently bought together (FBT) products OR, and that might be more interesting, our plugin automatically matches bought together products via Cart or Purchased algorithm

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Customers often consider buying products that are suggested as frequently bought together. This feature not just suggests them to buy additional products, but often works as a reminder to them, for buying those additional products that they’d need to have, along with the given product.

You can add bundles of frequently bought together products directly from a product editing page and display them as discounts under a regular price.

Plugin Features

  • Creating bundles from simple products
  • Creating bundles from product variations
  • Displaying bundles under a description and a product regular price
  • Option to enable/disable Frequently Bought Together Plugin
  • Unlimited number of suggested products for each single product
  • Easy Integration

If you want to need any new feature or any question than you can email on aradadiya163@gmail.com

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