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Do you want to accept cryptocurrencies in your store? Get to know Allvor, the first digital currency truly conceived for consumers and store owners. Better than Bitcoin, with Allvor Pay you receive Allvor instantly, without “middlemen”.

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency payment solution for your e-commerce that is modern, cheap, fast, secure, and without middlemen, Allvor Pay is the answer! Allvor is the first cryptocurrency really designed to make transactions easier between consumers and store owners. Learn more at and .

By installing the Allvor Pay module on your WooCommerce, your store will be at the forefront of the transaction future within a few minutes.

Instant transactions in cryptocurrency (Allvor)
Automatically calculated local currency exchange
Smart checkout with invoice expiration
No middlemen (peer-to-peer payments)
No fees or commissions
No monthly fee

The customer chooses the product and places it in the shopping cart
When they are happy, they perform the checkout and choose to pay with Allvor
To make the payment, they are redirected to the Invoice system
The customer can pay manually or via a QRCode
After the payment is made, the customer can receive the ALV transaction details by e-mail
At the same time, WooCommerce is notified about the payment and the purchase is completed


Bitcoin was the first virtual currency, and revolutionized the way we view money. However, due to high transaction costs and slow transactions, Bitcoin is not a viable payment method for daily transactions in physical and virtual stores.

Allvor, in contrast, uses the same technology that countless financial institutions use around the world, called XRP Ledger. With that, Allvor has instant transactions, virtually nonexistent charges, the security of a stable and intelligent network, and a team of developers thinking about the smallest details so that cryptocurrency transactions can finally become a reality.



Install the Allvor Pay WooCommerce module.
It can be done in three ways:

Install through WordPress Plugin Manager:
Admin » Plugins » Add New » Enter “Allvor Pay” in search » Click “Install Now

Upload ZIP: Admin » Plugins » Add New » Upload Plugin

Download the latest version of Allvor Pay WooCommerce Plugin at than Extract ZIP and upload extracted directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ through FTP

Activate Allvor Pay WooCommerce Plugin

1 – Create your Allvor Pay account at

2 – Click “Plugins” and then “Add” to register your store and generate the secret key.

3 – Locate the Token API item and copy the token.

4 – Enter your unique key to Allvor Pay Plugin.

Settings: Admin » WooCommerce » Click on Checkout tab » Find “Allvor” in Payment Gateways table » Click “Settings”.

5 – Don’t forget check “Activate Allvor Pay” checkbox in Allvor Pay Plugin settings.



1.0 =
* Inicial release.